Alan Sastre – about Painting

Alan Sastre’s paintings are in the ultimate frontier of the abstract. He takes the eye in a voyage through geometrical plains, fluid colour splashes and brushstrokes that materialize themselves, until the encounter of a recognizable form. Is it paper, is it cloth? He fools the senses and tests perception.

The viewer can follow his creation process through layers of paint, worked with scrapings and overlapped by collages of other painted skins. He provides a topographical tour of the canvas as our eyes follow the structures in depth, stimulating our tactile awareness.

Alan uses conventions of painting, like perspective, to increase the phenomenological power of his forms, creating an analytical maze for the viewer. Sometimes so puzzling that it gives a physical sensation of nausea.

His paintings challenge us because he plays with our habits of reading images. The canvas looses its flatness and becomes ambiguous. His large canvas with architectural structures are paintings in an expanded field, you feel as if you are inside the painting, creating an illusion of reality, an abstract reality.

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