Manoela Bowles is a curator and art writer based in Brazil. Today she is focused on education through art and writing.

Manoela Bowles has a Masters degree in Art Criticism from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. She worked as research assistant for Hans Ulrich Obrist office at the Serpentine Gallery in London, where she curated Kaleidoscope in East London’s Vyner Street. Recently Manoela’s attraction for navigating imaginative minds lead her to work with children. Art Tree started in 2018 and branched into Musicalizarte, an experimental music and arts education project for kids.

Manoela Bowles is a hands-on arts and cultural developer, content creator and organizer, with highly deductive research capabilities, original publishing skills and innovative curatorial practices. Her experiences sum more than a decade of gallery management, artist residencies, digital communication and attractive client, artists and audience engagement assets. Positive, open-minded, leadership prone to dynamic teamwork, organized, overcomes obstacles with discipline, multitasking under strict deadlines. Always interested in challenging new partnerships and discoveries.

-       SKILLS     -

PUBLISHING: Versatile aptitudes from conception to publication, ranging from editing, adapting, translating (English, Spanish, Portuguese). Exhibition catalogues.

CURATORIAL PRACTICES: Concept creation and development, research, artist facilitator, exhibition managing and handling skills.

ARTS AND CULTURE MANAGEMENT:  Seminars, events programming and production, press releases and client relations, registering and documenting. Artist and audience engagement. Attracting and developing partnerships.

DIGITAL COMMUNICATION: Website development, content creation, social media presence and audience engagement, analytics, documentation managing, video editing and producing.

EDUCATOR: Facilitates knowledge discoveries with imaginative and experimental practices.