Reflections and other realities

Dan Graham creates virtual spaces on his unrealized mirrored installations at Lisson Gallery.

Dan Graham is a master in providing a place for insight, not only exteriorly with his reflective installations but also interiorised as mirrors of the soul. For his exhibition at Lisson Gallery, London, he created two pavilions presented along with three other models in smaller sizes. All newly done for this show. The walk-in site-specifics provide an experience that can’t be taken for granted and that is possible to have on the gallery at 29 Bell Street until April 28th.

The artist thinks of himself as an American Caspar David Friedrich, as he says on a video screened as part of the show featuring other pavilions he has presented, some based on Zen Buddhist gardens. For the pieces outside the environment is reflected and reminds a landscape painting. He creates heterotopian realms, to contextualize in Foucaultian theory, virtual spaces. Realities inside reality.

Dan Graham started to create these reflective pieces in the 1980’s. Places where people can interact, look at each other or at themselves, situating his work on the frontier between art and architecture. He has done projects for clients with kids to work as playgrounds on summer days. But his installations provoke almost the same impact on adults who go around the pieces wondering about the images projected, playing with the distortions.

It is a chance to experience an uncommon space and test your perception of yourself in relation to the realities around you. In this journey of virtual spaces and light if you don’t wonder if this is art, or even, is this reality? It definitely makes you reflect.

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