The Curious Duke

Its not everyday that you can go inside a gallery and find accessible works of art for affordable prices. The Curious Duke in Islington is this way. It is owned by Eleni Duke, a very brave young gallerist who has in her belief on the artists she chose to represent the force to keep going in these times of recession. Hard is leaving with a thought that you could have owned an original work of art for a fair amount.

With pieces that range from street style paintings to drawings made from Bic Biro and designed sculptures, surely one of these will make a happier home. Located in Whitecross Street, surrounded by a lively art scene that bursts during the monthly event First Thursdays, and also having established institutions like The Barbican Centre as neighbour, the space benefits from the people walking around and frequently coming in. If adventuring around these sites, why not pay The Curious Duke a visit, just make sure to have a little extra cash so you won’t regret not having your own piece of art from this appealing gallery.

The Curious Duke Gallery

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