We try to understand nature, but we can only do it according to our system of thought. As in a movie, we see life passing through our eyes in frames we build by making things concrete with our perception, but we don’t realize its an illusion. Everything depends on an idea we reproduce from our senses. We translate everything we take in into small frames according to our past experiences, memories and aims of attention, and edit our own movie. Advancing forward with our headlights turned backwards.

We are always creating, like consciousness itself is constantly creating. Moment by moment we decide what to do with our lives, if we become aware of this we can become artists of our own life! The artist never knows how the artwork will come out, it will always depend on his experience in the moment. Everything is action and reaction, nothing is given.

The objective, scientific way of viewing things understands that there are certain patterns of thought everyone can relate to. But in reality everyone has their own experience of things, these concrete concepts are just part of the mind. Subjective time has more truth for us than chronological time. For example, it takes longer for a train to arrive when we are waiting for someone we love than if we are waiting for someone we don’t like.

Instead of breaking everything up into abstract ideas, we can try to view things as they are in nature, connected. Our consciousness enables us to understand that we have a certain rational pattern of thought but there are also other ways of perceiving, like intuition. By becoming aware of this we can use all our power to evolve. Even though past, present and future are just concepts, they are tools to analyze and plan our lives. By also using our intuition, we can see beyond the patterns of thought we got ourselves stuck into. If we look deep inside we’ll know when something is not right.

Even though in nature there are always two opposing forces that generate things, we can decide which way to go in the vortex of possibilities because we have free will. Darwin realized that Science could not explain the process of mutation when two species in different locations happen to evolve the same way. There are many things we can’t explain, but we know there is a natural impetus behind all things pushing us forward.

We have made many bad decisions that are leading us to an end, which we don’t have anyone to blame but ourselves. We go through life without paying attention to our acts, the act of choosing is very important to create a great work of art with our life. The curator is conscious of his act of choosing, we should all become conscious of our acts.

Does life have a purpose? Is there fate? In the sense of which our acts depends on our past experiences there is a certain determination to how things will eventually turn out. But we can change that if we become aware of our acts. We can take a step back and look to how we have been leading our lives. We have this power so we should use it to evolve in benefit of all. If we continue to have selfish thoughts there will be no tomorrow.

Animals and plants have their own evolutionary road to follow, they follow a very limited consciousness system, based on reflexes. They use instinct. Our consciousness uses instinct (intuition) and intelligence to build tools and evolve, maybe that’s our error.

When we see the love of a mother to a child we understand the power of nature. Humans have separated themselves from nature because of the projections we create on our minds, and that are leading us to our own destruction. Our intelligence gave us the ability to conceive worlds, and we invent tools that will build these worlds we believe in, but we can also invent bad tools, like the atomic bomb.

We are the only animals capable of being conscious of our own consciousness. Let’s use this power to reconnect. Will we throw away our gift of consciousness by destroying ourselves? Maybe its part of the creation and destruction process of life. But if we wake up to the power we have in our hands we will be able to change!

Our intelligence is driven by our instinct, but we forget that intuition is also a part of it. Intuition is where we can experience the now, saved from the projections of our mind. It can takes us further because its how we will see that the objects we believe to be real are just in our minds and everything depends on how we see things. The object has no independent existence. So, reality as common to everyone is an illusion. But we have to keep these concrete constructions of our minds to navigate the world we built for ourselves.

This way we can compose new worlds, we just have to use our imagination. It may seem something you might say to a child. We think we are more evolved than them, but they are the ones using their imagination to fabricate worlds. Until they have to settle to common sense and become adults. That’s when things can go wrong, so we have to take a step back and use our intuition.

To live our life like a work of art we have to do like the guitarist who lets the music come from the soul. Using our intuitive attention we can access information from the flux of life, from the higher consciousness behind all things. Through our intuition we access this information and through our intelligence we materialize it into the world. Extracting from the whole and turning into art.

In this note then, what is reality? Its the eternal transformation, the eternal flux that passes through us as we materialize it into the world. This continuous change of form is the only absolute, the spiritual absolute that connects everything. All the other absolutes we created to build our reality are just projections of our minds.
We should see this whole, from where we takes things to shape our worlds from, like and abstract painting, its meaning depends on how we interpret it. With this understanding we can use our life as a canvas and create a beautiful work of art!

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